Keurig K-Cup coffee makers make one cup of coffee at a time with K-Cups.


Keurig B70 Single Cup BrewerKeurig K-Cup coffee makers have been around for a few years now and have gained a considerable following.


The brewers are a little more expensive than some of the pod brewers, as are the K-Cups they use.


However, Keurig fans will be quick to tell you it’s worth the extra cost.


Each of the Keurig K-Cup coffee makers is incredibly simple to use. You just make sure there is water in the reservoir and then add a K-Cup to a small holder at the top of the machine. Then close the lid, press one button, and you’re done.


Owners of Keurig brewers are as enthusiastic about the K-Cups as they are about the brewers themselves.


That makes sense. Because regardless of the machine, it’s the taste of the coffees that will finally win you over, or not.


The biggest seller of K-Cups is Green Mountain Coffee, which already has a well deserved reputation for roasting very high quality coffees.


In fact, Green Mountain Coffee assured its investment in making its coffees available in the K-Cup format by buying Keurig.


So now GMC can keep coming out with new K-Cup coffees and blends, relaxed in the knowledge that it also owns and controls the manufacturer of the brewers themselves.


One other point to make about Keurig brewers and K-Cups is that the format is proprietary. That means that if any roaster wants to distribute their own coffees in the K-Cup format, they need permission to do so. (It’s a different story with coffee pods, where the format is “open” and any roaster can produce and sell them.)


Not that you will be confined to the 45 or so excellent coffees Green Mountain Coffee offers. Timothy’s World Coffee and Gloria Jean’s also offer a good variety of their coffees in K-Cups.


There are four Keurig single serve coffee makers to choose from.


They are all fundamentally the same in how they work, but the more recent models offer some additional features and improvements.


And the lastest version, the Keurig B30 Mini, is much smaller than the other models and is designed for people who travel or for when space is at a premiun like on a boat or in an RV.



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Keurig K-Cup Coffee Makers


The Keurig B60


Keurig B60 brewer

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The Keurig B70


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Breville BKC600XL


Breville BKC600XL k-cup brewer


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The Keurig B30 Mini


Keurig B30 Mini coffee maker


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