Review: The Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewer – the latest and most advanced of the Keurig K-Cup brewers.


As with all the Keurig brewers, the B70 uses ground coffee sealed in K-Cups to make each cup of fresh coffee.


While the brewing system is fundamentally the same as that found in the Keurig B60, the newer B70 does offer some additional features.


First of all, the water reservoir is larger – 60 ounces instead of 48. In terms of how many cups of coffee you get without having to refill the reservoir, it’s close to the equivalent of having an 8-cup drip brewer, rather than a 6-cup.


Give some thought to how many coffee drinkers you have in your home and how many coffees you drink in the morning, or when you entertain.


Of course, refilling the reservoir is not a big deal. But if you know you are an “8-cup family”, then you’ll probably enjoy the convenience of having the B70’s larger water tank.


Another difference with the Keurig B70 is that it offers more brew sizes than the B60.


The maximum size on the B60, for travel mugs, is 9.25 ounces. That size option is still available with the B70, but it also offers a larger, 11.25 ounce brew size as well. (It offers 4 brew sizes in total.)


The biggest size is perfect for when you want to fill a travel mug and rush out the door in the morning. Or even if you like a really big mug of coffee in the morning.


The only thing to keep in mind when using the largest brew size is that while you are making a bigger cup of coffee, you are still using just one K-Cup.


As a result, when you brew 11.25 ounces, be sure to use one of the Extra Bold K-Cup coffees from Green Mountain Coffee. If you use a regular K-Cup you might find that the brew is a little thin and lacking in intensity.


The Keurig B70 also offers some extra options in how you program the brewer, and has a nice new look when compared to the B60 or B40.


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