Can you make single-serve tea in a Keurig brewer?


Yes, you can. There are a couple of ways to make single-serve tea in your Keurig brewer.


First, Green Mountain Coffee offers a variety of different K-Cup teas, all from Celestial Seasonings.


You make your single cup of tea in the same way as you would make coffee. That is to say, you just drop the tea K-Cup into the Keurig brewer, close the lid and press the brew button.


There are currently six teas available in the K-Cup format, including two Earl Grey teas, an English Breakfast tea, green tea and some herbal teas.


However, there is another way to make tea with a Keurig brewer which enables you to make any kind of tea you like, and at a lower price.


You simply remove the K-Cup holder from the brewer (it may take a little wiggling the first time you do it), and then use your Keurig as a hot water dispenser.


You simply place a tea bag in the mug, select the brew size, and then the near-boiling water will flow directly into your mug.


If you don’t like tea bags, simply put loose tea in one of those globe tea sieves and place it in the mug.


True, you could boil water in your kettle and achieve the same result. But it is wonderfully simple to be able to press one button on your Keurig and have just the right amount of water heated and delivered into your cup.


One way or another, whether you use K-Cup teas, or place a tea bag in your mug, the Keurig is ideally suited to brewing single-serve tea quickly and conveniently.

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