How do you remove the K-Cup holder from a Keurig brewer?


Before answering that question, let me answer two others.


First WHAT is a K-Cup holder?


It’s the part of the Keurig brewer into which you drop the K-Cup when you are ready to brew a cup of coffee. It holds the K-Cup firmly in position during the brewing cycle.


Is it removable? Yes, it is. At first sight it might not look like it is. And the first few times you remove it, it will feel like quite a struggle.


In fact, I’m not sure that when the Keurig brewers were first built that the designers anticipated that users would ever need or want to remove the holder at all.


Which brings us to question two – WHY would you want to remove the K-Cup holder?


If you are happy with the variety and cost of coffees sold in the K-Cup format, then you really don’t need to read any further.


But some of us, usually for reasons of both cost and availability, like to be able to buy any kind of coffee we want and then brew it in our Keurig brewer.


To brew a coffee that isn’t in a K-Cup you first need to remove the K-Cup holder, temporarily or permanently, depending on your plans.


Then you buy and use the K-Cup device, which includes a small filter basket and its own holder. When brewing copy, you simply put the My K-Cup holder in the space where you removed the Keurig K-Cup holder.


And now, finally, HOW to remove the K-Cup holder.


Keurig K-Cup holderHere is an image of how I grip the holder, at the top, and both squeeze and pull at the same time.


As I mentioned, the first few times you do this, it’s quite a struggle. It gets easier each time you do it.


Why do I keep pulling it out, and then putting it back in?


Because sometimes I feel lazy and love the convenience of using K-Cups in the original holder.


Then I feel curious about trying a coffee I can’t find in a K-Cup, or start thinking about the price, and use the K-Cup.

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