44mm, 55mm or 62mm? Which coffee pod size fits which coffee pod brewers?


Single serve coffee makers are still relatively new. A few years ago they were almost unheard of.


As a result, in the early days, different coffee pod manufacturers built their pod brewers to accept different sizes of coffee pod.


There was no “standard” at the beginning, and there still isn’t today.


So if you are thinking of buying a pod brewer, you need to be aware of the size of coffee pod it accepts, and also check out the coffee choices available to you in that size.


Here’s the lineup of pod sizes and the brewers which accept them.

44mm – these fit in the Melitta One:One brewer. (The Melitta has recently been improved with a universal pod holder, which will also accept the other two sizes as well.)


55mm – these pods fit the Juan Valdez brewer.


62mm – these fit the Senseo models, the Krups KP1010 Home Cafe Single Serve Coffee Machine, the Black & Decker Home Café brewers and the Mr. Coffee brewers.


Finally, the Bunn My Café has a different kind of pod holder, a “tray”, which accepts all sizes.

What does this mean when you buy your single-serve pod brewer?


Pretty much, it means you might want to avoid the Juan Valdez brewer, or any other machine you come across that confines you to one of the rarer pod sizes – 44m or 55mm.


If you want to be able to choose from the widest possible range of coffee pods, either choose a model that takes the 62mmm size, or get a Bunn My Café or Melitta One:One, which accept every size.


There is nothing more disappointing than buying a brewer and then discovering you are severely limited in your choice of coffees and coffee blend.



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