Coffee pod brewers make one cup of coffee at a time with coffee pods.


With coffee pod brewers you can choose from quite a variety of machines, all made by different companies.


Essentially they all work in the same way. They each have a water reservoir, all use coffee pods and all make one serving of coffee at a time.


The coffee pods are like round, plump tea bags. The bag itself is the filter and contains enough ground coffee to make a single cup of coffee.


Now comes the tricky part.


There are a number of different companies which make coffee pod brewers. And, to make life a little more complicated, there is more than one size for coffee pods – and they are not all interchangeable between different brands of pod brewers.


When it comes to choosing a coffee pod brewer, the most popular machines are made by Senseo, Melitta, Bunn My Café, Invernto and Black & Decker.


There are other choices too, but these are the main ones.


And among these, probably the most popular is the Senseo. Senseo was the first to start making pod brewers, back in 2004.


They started a trend and other companies have been quick to follow.

Just keep in mind that not all coffee pods are the same size, and they don’t all fit in the different brands of pod coffee makers.


The three pod diameters are 44mm, 55mm and 62mm. The 44m pods fit the Melitta brewers (Although the more recent Melitta models now have a universal pod holder which accepts larger sizes). The 55mm pods fit the Juan Valdez brewer. And the 62mm pods fit the Senseo, Krups, Black & Decker and Mr. Coffee brewers.


So when you choose a coffee pod brewer, make your selection with a full understanding of where you are going to buy coffee pods of the right size, and what kind of selection will be available to you.


Reviews of the top coffee pod brewers:



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Cuisinart SS-1 Cup-O-Matic

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Cuisinart Commercial 1-Cup Coffee Pod Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer




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The Best Coffee Pod Brewers



The Senseo SL7810


Senseo one cup coffee maker

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The My Invento


My Invento coffee pod brewer


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Melitta MES5B One:One

Melitta MES2B One:One

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Cuisinart Commercial
1-Cup Coffeemaker


Cuisinart Commercial 1-Cup Coffeemaker


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